The Sunny Knock Out® Rose

The Knock Out Story

Bill Radler, one of the great rosarians of this century (Voted Rosarian of the year 2008), bred the Knock Out series of roses for disease resistance. Considered a quantum leap in the development of black spot resistant roses The Knock Out Series is rapidly becoming the most popular rose of all time. The Knock Out eries of Roses, in addition to virtually eliminating the need for spraying fungicides, blooms from early Spring to late into the Fall. The Knock Out also was awarded the coveted American Rose Societys' Members' Choice Awards.

The Knock Out series includes The Knock Out (Reddish Pink), Blushing Knock Out (Blush Pink) , Pink Knock Out(True Pink), Rainbow Knock Out (Iridescent Pink), Carefree Sunshine (Bright Yellow), Double Knock Out (Double Bloom Reddish Pink), and White Out (Solid White on dark foliage). The Knock Out Rose in 2005 became the most purchased landscape rose in United States History.

Regular fertility, light pruning, and some deadheading will result in thousands of blooms during the growing season. Check Blooming Colors today for availability. We are taking bookings now for Bill Radler's Carefree Sunshine and White Out. Two of the nicest, most floriferous roses since the original Knock Out.

The Knock Out® Rose: Rosa Radrazz