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Pondscapes & Waterfalls

The soothing tranquility created by water has been cherished for generations. Claude Monet, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ansel Adams, as examples, all found inspiration from the physical, artistic, and spiritual qualities of water. Blooming Colors for over a decade has been creating ecologically sound backyard water environments. Our ponds, waterfalls, and pondless waterfalls are designed and constructed to create the most rewarding outdoor experiences for our clients. Each water feature is organic in nature: constructed with natural stone, hardy plants, and koi, creating a sustainable ecologically balanced part of nature.

Pondscape and Installation Services

  • Complete Pondscape design, consultation, installation and service
  • State-of-the-art sustainable rainwater collection systems
  • Fountainscapes
  • Ecosystem ponds
  • Commercial ponds
  • Stream bank mitigation

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